Our Mission

The National African American Drug Policy Coalition is a coalition of pre-eminent African American professional organizations united to promote drug policies and laws that embrace the public health nature of drug abuse and provide a more effective and humane approach to address the chronic societal problem of drug abuse.


The NAADPC provides a non-partisan forum for developing and promoting policies and practices related to substance abuse in the African American community. The organization will present an interdisciplinary, scientifically grounded perspective, and thereby provide a voice now missing from the highly polarized debate on public health versus punitive approaches.


The NAADPC seeks to harness the energies and resources of the Coalition member organizations to educate and thereby improve policy and practice in major population centers across this country. Such a professional partnership has great potential to make a difference. Accordingly, our strategic objectives are:


  • To shift public resources into education, prevention, treatment and research programs, which has been proven significantly more effective in reducing drug abuse than the use of expensive criminal sanctions.

  • To enhance provision of substance abuse treatment upon request, particularly for those living at or below the poverty level, including necessary ancillary services and assistance such as mental health care, housing, case management, literacy, job readiness and vocational training, transportation, child care and peer and family supports.

  • To provide enrichment opportunities and comprehensive health education to youth as a means of preventing drug use and other potentially harmful behaviors.

  • To restore equity to the criminal justice system by addressing the disproportional adverse effect of drug law enforcement on people of color and the poor.