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February 09, 2017

2017 NAADPC National Conference

The 25th anniversary conference of NAAAS & Affiliates will be spectacular as we host approximately 600 sessions with more than 1,000 research presentations & poster displays. Outstanding events are scheduled to bring academics & culture together in one setting. Most noteworthy is our primary speaker, Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi. In addition, scholarly lectures/workshops provided by the National Hispanic Law Enforcement Agency, Shark Board Maritime Center of Excellence (South Africa), National African American Drug Policy Coalition & the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality bring current & lifelong learning experiences. We will also host the Nelson Mandela Legacy Exhibit.  
The conference very much supports student engagement and will host a college debate competition in addition to the 5th Pansy E. Jacobs Jackson Student Research Competition.  

NAADPC Newsletter: July & August 2013

This Newsletter covers the two (2) months of July and August 2013.   This included the Conference meeting of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals at the Gaylord Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland, July 14-16, 2013, where your National Executive Director was recognized and introduced to an audience of over 4,000 persons as a major partner of NADCP in promoting the expanding of the drug court system in America, noting it successes, and increasing the availability of treatment.

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